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The sector of ancient seeds in Italy

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome, 08.07.2021, 09:36 Uhr
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Rome [ENA] On July 7, in the presence of important government representatives, has been submitted the first "Exploratory research on the sector of ancient seeds in Italy", accompanied by the Manifesto of intentions and actions for Italian ancient seeds and their supply chains and the brand of MAMA SEEDS® values of the ancient Italian and Mediterranean seed supply chain by the international consortium AVASIM.

At a time when Covid19 is proving to be a "game changer" for economies around the world, for the first time in Italy this survey covers an entire Italian agri-food sector, which could make a difference in the agri-food economy of the future , protecting the supply chains of ancient indigenous seeds. Ancient seeds preservation has also had a central role in enabling human survival by providing an important food source. It has also been shown that the seeds have significant effects on multiple biological systems. The AVASIM sponsored report describes: the operators active in Italy in this area; the degree of interest of Italian consumers towards ancient seeds and derivative products; the potential opportunities of the sector (which includes

the already numerous and important national production consortia, companies, cooperatives, associations, custodian farmers, mills, etc.) in terms of contribution to the economic growth of the country and of the so called Made in Italy, also in terms of sustainability and of the ongoing green transition. The report is a snapshot of a sector on which the interests of both the players in the production chain and final consumers converge, but which still lacks a unitary and strategic vision. The research has shown that: the sector of ancient seeds is submerged, jagged, difficult to quantify and apparently still underdeveloped.

Furthermore, taking into account the high interest that Italian consumers have expressed for ancient seeds, it emerges how significant the growth potential of this sector is. However, the current fragmentation of production and the absence of supply chains that can effectively and efficiently link production, processing, marketing and promotion, make strong development in this area very difficult if not impossible.With this in mind, the international consortium AVASIM has drawn up the first Manifesto for ancient Italian seeds and their supply chains. The document, presented together with the report, symbolically represented by the MAMA SEEDS® brand, identifies the intentions and actions to unite and compact the sector in order to guarantee

the vitality of the cultural and economic heritage represented by the ancient indigenous seeds and their supply chains, therein including their identification, documentation, research, preservation, protection.In the belief that the heritage seeds economy has the potential, to date largely still unexpressed, and to make Made in Italy even more competitive and distinctive - as that of the ancient native seeds is a supply chain closely linked to quality, to the history of unique places, to peasant knowledge and traditions,

to the culture of exchange and reciprocity between communities and generations - an integral part of the project of the newborn AVASIM consortium, whose President is Alessia Montani, is the promotion of a national legislative proposal for the protection of ancient native seeds .

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